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Shaqlawa  is a city in the Arbil Governorate in Kurdistan region - Iraq.
Shaqlawa is 51 km from Erbil city's center, at the bottom of Safeen Mountain, and to the northeast of Erbil. Shaqlawa is situated between Safeen Mountain and Sork Mountain, and sits 966 m above sea level.
The maximum temperature reaches 30 to 35 degrees Celsius in the summer and -10 degrees Celsius in the winter. Local ecology and agronomy features include forests of fruit trees, including peaches, walnuts, grapes, figs and pomegranate, and sweet water. It has a big market selling many types of non-seasonal foods. Moreover, there are special and folk restaurants and a hotel.
Shaqlawa is visited annually by thousands of tourists, inside and outside Iraq.
Shaqlawa residents are Kurds (muslims)and Assyrians Chaldean Catholics. In the past( before 60-70 yrs) there was arminians and Jewsih also. The town of Shaqlawa is known for its nature and mountains, where it lies at the foot of Mount Safin. Shaqlawa is located in the province of Erbil, Safin-foot tall mountain in an open and fertile valley, bordered to the east and north mountain range Sork a red soil from the west and south, a forest-clad mountain Safin-intensive, with a height of a mountain Sven 1475 meters and covered variety of oak trees, tannins, and other Hawthorn These trees and economic resource for the people of Shaqlawa. Live in the mountains of various wild animals. Pigs ibex wolves and birds of various kinds. And water resources Shaqlawa to rely on tables that arise as a result of rain and snow, where up at a meeting with the alleged Balsrayanip cold and the river is in great Zab, for Shaqlawa climate differs according to the seasons in the winter rains and heavy snow, and people Shaqlawa old stoves built of mud Used for cooking and heating stoves are used and, more recently, oil, gas and electricity. And rainy spring show Shaqlawa the full beauty and the overwhelming green of the mountains and valleys and hills and plains surrounding them as a fragrance that smells aromatic revive the man during this season of the year.
The summer weather would moderate its position and the foot of a mountain overlooking the advantage given Sven the difference between the climate in this chapter and the rest of other regions also briefed Balbsaten made Nasimha Alela and fresh, so frequented by visitors from all zones, and in the summer ripe fruit. In the autumn Shaqlawa red-yellow dress at the leaves change color Ftersm so for a total of painting masterpieces of villages and cities and our homeland.
Shaqlawa the nomination had not been agreed by historians as both of them made a conclusion of its own, but is known that even the twelfth century did not name Shaqlawa. The sapphire reported in his book Al Hamwi countries under the name of a glossary (SHqlabad) while in the rituals of the church books stored on behalf of the Church (Shaqlabaz), under the name (Shaqabad) in the history book Mirani Suran Hussein wrote to my sorrow Mukrayani, under the name (Hakulai Wawa) in the history book Kurds and Kurdistan writer Mohammad Amin Zaki.
The city was also home to some of Iraq's Jewish population (about 400), but they have since left following the creation of Israel and the rise of the Ba'ath Party in Iraq.. http://www.shaqlawa.com/